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Generic network issues. Before using this tag, check if there's a closer fit (see tag wiki).

is a pretty generic tag to be used if you couldn't find a better fitting one for your issue. Please:

  • check first if there's a closer fit
  • try to narrow down by including at least the network type tag

Related tags

  • : point-to-point connections, usually means via WiFi
  • : data transferred in the background, i.e. without explicitly being triggered. This usually includes things like synchronizing your calendar and contact data.
  • : specific to Bluetooth issues
  • : for trouble connecting to a network. To be used together with the network-type tag
  • : issues with your mobile data connection
  • : amount of data transferred. Use this for questions/issues like finding out which app is eating up your data plan.
  • : specific to mobile network (the one your data plan applies to)
  • : specific to USB issues
  • : specific to WiFi issues; also see and

Also related is the entire family: , , ,