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When you enable Tasker it starts showing an alarm icon in the status bar. there is a setting in Tasker that is the culprit for this. "Preferences -> Monitor -> Use Reliable Alarms" when set to always on it puts the icon there. Set it to When Off and the icon goes away. See This post


I'm seeing it when running Blockada ad blocker vpn. Turning it off removes the icon. If I pull down the notification bar, it changes to the normal key icon until released. Only started seeing it in the last week so maybe Blockada is tapping into this icon with a recent update.


The only thing I've found is to scan active alerts for "now" in the time received. Why, oh why is this obviously vital feature of a "notifications" dashboard neglected???? I'm so sick of hearing the Antroid notifications sound and knowing I will not be able to find what it refers to without having to dig!!!! Beware, sometimes there is ...

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