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Questions related to Android Mobile notifications, which can be visual (alert in notification bar), sounds, vibration of device, or arrival of mobile notifications via SMS. If applicable, please use the more specific tags as e.g. 'notification-bar' or 'notification-led'. See the full tag wiki for more information.

What are notifications?

Android and Android apps can notify users of information and events by putting an alert in the "Notification bar". This appears as a narrow bar across the top of the screen with small icons. When the user pulls down the bar it expands into the notification area, a scrollable area containing messages for the user. Tapping on a notification generally opens the app.

Related tags

  • : for questions specific to the notification bar (which is usually on top or, on some tablets, bottom of the screen)
  • : for issues specific to the icons displayed in the notification bar
  • : for questions specific to the notification led many devices feature

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