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This is from a Mate 20 Pro with Android 9, and Google Clock app version 6.2. It is now possible to disable the annoying notification. For me, it was SO annoying, because I use a Garmin smart watch that vibrates when a notification arrives, and it ended up waking me up 2 hours earlier! Sorry for the screenshots language, it's in Italian which is my native ...


Go to Settings --> Notifications and Sounds, and uncheck what's under Notifications for chats. Then, under the Other section, you can uncheck Keep-Alive Service and Background Connection. But per your battery consumption problem, it's weird and shouldn't happen. I use it regularly and it's not on my top battery consumers.


Just wanted to add an answer for this that I found on Reddit, in case it disappears. This issue seemed to be fixed for a few people by doing the following: Go to settings -> Apps and Notifications -> see all apps -> three dot menu -> show system. Scroll to Download Manager. Clear cache, clear storage, force stop, disable, enable. Of course, your download ...


It's a very common problem for less reputed SD cards. It can be fixed by doing a full format on the SD card. (Not a quick format because it doesn't check for bad sectors or data redundancy errors). Don't forget to keep a backup before formatting.


You shouldn't worry about it too much unless it was lasting too long. When you switch your phone on or off, the SIM is not detected yet (when switching on) or no longer detected (when switching off), that's why you get the error message. When it is detected and connected to your service provider, the error disappears. If the error becomes permanent, then ...

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