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Bing gives the worst search results! After a google search the following results popped up Full Battery & Theft Alarm is a popular app to achieve the result.


Solutions might depend on the Android version you're on. Take a look into Settings › Apps & Notifications › GoodSam › Notifications (available at least in Android 8+ – looks a bit different in Android 7 but is also there). In that place you should be able to define if it shall override DND.


Playstore notifications do not trigger when an app is updated (at least with Android Oreo). But security / antivirus apps might do. I have ESET Endpoint security installed which scans every download and notifies on success. I changed the corresponding notification sound to be sure it is really the antivirus. So I could mute that notification, alas the app ...


Inspired by SocMedSean's page of fixes: Open Facebook in your desktop web browser (not on mobile) Click on the Messenger (speech bubble) icon Click on 'Settings' (the cog) Click on 'Unread Chats' - this will likely reveal some very old chats that you have never marked as 'read' Click on each old chat to mark them as 'read' Check back in Messenger to see if ...


If you want to "flex your root muscle" so to speak, there are options using Xposed modules, but these options do not require it. Battery full notifications are a bit of a workaround: Open Settings and select the Notifications option Click See All under the Recently Sent list Select All from the dropdown in the top left Click the 3 dots in the top right and ...


Apparently I can't post comments yet, so here's my thoughts in an answer. Try searching for the package name of the app that's showing the notifications. A quick Google search finds this app which seems to do what you're looking for. Hope I helped.

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