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How to turn off Opera Mini "discover"/"top stories" news feed?

There is an option under Settings, but it's tucked away under Advanced settings and the wording might not be intuitive to people unfamiliar with browser jargon: In the popup settings menu from the ...
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Where are the links of the saved pages of Opera Mini are stored in Android?

OP seems to confuse Saved Pages feature with Bookmarks. Address of a saved page (or any page viewed in Opera Mini) is copy / pastable (to anywhere) from the top of your screen. Whole point of Saved ...
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What is HTTP and socket in opera mini and what is the difference between them?

The socket connection keeps the connection to the sites. The HTTP selection will search for the site, each time searching for the site's IP address. If you can't get a connection through the socket ...
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How can I set the language in Opera Mini 6?

u can try clicking on the big "O" on the right upper part and then go to the "settings" which is the usual settings icon (a bolt?) or if u dont knownwhat the setting icon looks like to the 4th option ...
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