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The latest versions of the Outlook app actually already have this new DND option "During evenings" wherein you can configure your after-work routine. By default, it is set to 5PM to 8AM schedule as you want in your question. But it can also be modified to fit a different routine. Here's the screenshot:


See Microsoft's offical website for the full details: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/all/outlook-data-hog/a88b5e3f-2982-4558-a190-1afa93044e1f You can do a number of things to reduce background data usage: Turn off mobile data when connected to Wifi. This may sound strange, but apparently Outlook sometimes still uses mobile data, even ...


Unfortunately, it is not possible as of today with Outlook version 4.0.90. You can always open the mailbox in your web browser and use the Find in Page functionality.

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