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Windows doesn't actually mount the partition, a common filesystem can be only mounted once at a time. Android actually uses MTP (media transfer protocol) to allow copying files over USB.


First to clarify, Resize Partition is different than Resize File System, TWRP provides later option. It resizes the ext2/3/4 filesystem to the size of partition it's created on. Filesystem size can be checked with df command when mounted, and partition size with blockdev. Just like HDDs or SSDs on PC, Android's eMMC storage is divided into partitions (can ...


Not very large number of physical primary only devices were shipped with separate /sdcard partition (with attribute removable="false") in transition phase from UMS to MTP. Most of those were shipped with ICS or JB, a few got updated to KK. Then mostly vendors moved to the dominant concept of emulation on /data/media/0. You can take risk to paly with ...

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