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Why is fingerprint lock considered less secure than pattern lock on Nexus 5X?

The weakness is actually in the fingerprints themselves and not the way Nexus 5x implements it. Fingerprints are less secure because they cannot be changed like a password and cannot be revoked if ...
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How to disable pin/pattern lock in android device

This is the right place, but it seams easier for people to help if they know your device as pretty much every settings screen is different for every device manufacturer. For instance in my G4 I can: ...
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Attempting to brute force Android security pattern through TWRP via adb

After a while I figured out what the problem was, with a freshly flashed phone. Here I'll be answering my own question. Does the twrp decrypt command output something else when decryption succeeds? ...
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Is there any option for continuous authentication on Android ?

I've looked at those papers and the problem always is getting enough data from the attacker's actions to know the user is no longer the owner. Which means that some other signal has to be provided to ...
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"Wrong Pattern" After Flashing Image

Note that @dan-brown seems to be right about the root cause of the issue - it looks like a corrupt install after flashing a new TWRP. However there is a non-destructive fix, as documented here. Boot ...
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How to unlock my phone from pattern lock

If you have a Google account you can reset the password and you will not lose the data. For more details please check FAQ on Motorola site https://motorola-global-portal.custhelp.com/app/answers/...
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ADB - bypass lock screen

I've had success removing a lock screen with the following sequence of commands: adb shell settings put secure lockscreen.disabled 1 adb shell mv /data/system/locksettings.db /data/system/locksettings....
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Forgotten Swipe Pattern lock for Nexus 6P (but fingerprint works!)

What you can do since you have such an open phone is unlock the bootloader temporarily and flash a custom recovery to remove the password related files. Here's how: Unlock your bootloader - 1 Install ...
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Regain access to (partly) locked phone

Success. Even if I can't explain how/why. I took my phone and my muscle memory "remembered" the correct pattern. At first I was happy with that, of course, but then I realized that it was ...
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Screen unlock pattern fails

This happened 2 times already. I just had to calm down and think: the reboot was forced, in a non safe way. So something went wrong. To solve it, i just did another, but normal reboot, and it fixed ...
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Pattern unlock required when starting phone

Simply put... Android Oreo - 8.0 uses Forced Encryption The data is now encrypted for safer usage on Android, older devices had the option to encrypt in security settings. Nowadays it is a ...
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Recover access to Samsung Galaxy Tab A after forgetting the pattern lock

Push the down volume button and power button at the same time. It reset my tablet and I just reentered the pattern and it worked. I hope this helps.
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Unlock android pattern after changing Gmail Password

On older Android devices, if you lock your phone using Google's find my device you'll be able to choose a new password, and you'll then be able to access your phone. Go to android.com/devicemanager ...
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Are lock screen pattern and system start pattern the same?

There is only lockscreen pattern that locks the phone for authentication. You don't have a system lockscreen separately. Same applies whether you are using numeric PIN as password based lockscreen. ...
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Installing AROMA File Manager

Yes,you need a custom recovery. Aroma runs within a custom recovery. A custom recovery such as cwm or twrp can be installed without root on most phones, but you will most likely have to unlock the ...
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Why does the pattern lock exist?

I am no longer able to use the pattern lock since I've enabled fingerprint recognition. However, when I did use pattern lock I always used all nine dots and I disabled all haptic and visual (line ...
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Pattern not working - Locked out of phone

First of all, you'll NEED to root your device if you haven't done that (You didn't specify what device you have, so Google "(device's model number here) root") But READ this post: https://www.quora....
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"Wrong Pattern" After Flashing Image

This is a Bug I've encountered on all my devices in the Past three years. It comes from a minor fault in installing, and Is CyanogenMod/CyanogenOS based. Essentially, some partitions have become ...
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Too many pattern attempts with no data connection? GS1

Method 1: (If you have rooted device and activated adb from developer options on your phone previously. I have mentioned it here so it may help others.) Download and install adb kits and driver from ...
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How to Bypass a pattern lockscreen on a oneplusone phone

I succeeded in removing the lock pattern on a rooted OnePlus One using the below. On the OnePlus forums an employee suggested this: You have to delete all your key files from system folder. Try ...
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How to disable pin/pattern lock in android device

I have rooted device. Device is connected to computer with USB cable. And those commands helped me out: adb devices adb shell cd /data/system su rm *.key reboot Credit to: https://appuals.com/...
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Is there a way to map/translate a pattern-lock to a numeric PIN?

I realize this thread is really old, but I actually used this info to much success! This is the correct grid to translate 3x3 pattern locks into a pin: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 This work on my Oneplus 3 ...
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