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The access that apps advertise that they need to function. Example: Full internet access, send SMS messages, etc. Please use this tag for app-permissions only. For file permissions, use 'file-permissions' instead.

What are permissions?

In the context of Android, "permissions" refers to the access that apps advertise that they need in order to function.

When you install an app, you are presented with a list of items which the developer has indicated are needed for the app. Permissions may include "Full internet access", "things that cost you money", "read phone state", and so on.

REMARK: If you have questions about what a given permission stands for, please consult our Permission Index. Check for the permission in question. If the explanation there is not detailed enough, see whether it has a special question linked; if so, follow up to it. If not, Ask Your Question and link it to this permission's comments in the index.

What is not covered by this tag?

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