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Is it possible to have the alarm sound in Max Power saving Mode?

I discovered the answer literally 1 minute after asking the question so I thought I'd answer it myself in case it's of any advantage to anyone else. There's a very simple ( but quite odd in my ...
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Disabling power button restart

Disabling the power button and changing the volume_up button to power did end up working (i.e., prevents faulty restarts at random times.) I also verified that long pressing the actual power button ...
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Any way to hide the "Advanced Reboot" option in Power menu in AospExtended?

I asked this on their Telegram group(which is great): Extensions -> Systems -> Buttons -> Power Menu -> Advanced Reboot
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How can I open the power menu in Android without pressing the power button?

Go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Set Accessibility Menu to On. Press the Accessibility Menu icon, you should see among the icons, one dedicated to Power. Press it to show the Power menu.
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Require password to turn off for all Android devices

There is no such feature. Even if a phone would have this feature this would be a conflict with the "force reboot" function which nearly all Android phones have: press and hold the power ...
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Is there a way to keep an Amazon Fire TV from going into Power Saving Mode?

So, after some experimentation, we were unable to find a way to just keep the TV awake. However, we were able to connect the TV with an HDMI cable to a computer. This still caused both the TV and ...
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Automatic Power On and Off

Some OEM ROMs offer such a functionality, most do not. You can check your device's settings, if there is such an entry. If there is none, then it is not possible. So, the answer to this question will ...
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