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For questions related to enforcing you privacy on Android devices

Privacy involves how safe your private data are from "spying eyes" -- that is, if they are really "private" to you and those whom you willingly trust with them. While a "normal user" is unable to tell how safe an app is in this context, there are several apects he/she can take care of -- or where one can check, e.g.:

  • only install apps from trusted sources (minimizing the risk of trojans and other )
  • checking user reviews before installing an app (see if it showed "conspicious behaviour" in the past)
  • checking the an app requests. When in doubt, and no explanations are found on either the app's page at or the developers website, don't hesitate to contact the developer. No answer is an answer as well. If the dev says "Don't worry, that's just needed for ads" -- that's not necessarily a relief (see Risks involved with permissions)
  • Don't hesitate to buy an app, if there's a pay-version without an "ad module" attached. This increases your privacy level (again, see the Risks involved article on our site for details)
  • if you find anything "conspicious" not covered here or answered otherwise, feel free to raise the topic posting a question. This is the tag for you in these cases.

And then there are the "after-life" issues. No, I don't talk about your health -- but about "you and your device living together". Once you've got a new device, you might have no need for your "old device" anymore. So before giving it away, you might want to read this :)

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