Quickoffice is an application available for iOS and Android tablets and phones that lets you view, create, and edit Microsoft Office, as well as view and annotate PDF files, and has recently been separated into new Google products.Therefore only use this tag if you are still using the old Quickoffice app and try not ask questions for comparisons against new packages.

Brief history of Quickoffice

Quickoffice was a freeware proprietary productivity suite for mobile devices which allowed viewing, creating and editing documents, presentations and spreadsheets.

It consisted of Quickword (a word processor), Quicksheet (a spreadsheet) and Quickpoint (a presentation program). The programs were compatible with Microsoft Office file formats, but not the OpenDocument file format.

Basic operations

Open files and email attachments with Quickoffice

To create a new file, touch the plus icon in the top right corner of the screen. A menu will appear that allows you to select the type of file you'd like to create. The latest version of Quickoffice can create documents in 2007-2010 MS Office formats.

To open a file, touch the file's name in the Quickoffice file manager or touch the email attachment from your favorite email application.

Open Google documents in Quickoffice

Quickoffice only supports editing of Office files. You'll need the Google Drive app to edit a Google document from Quickoffice.

Open password protected files in Quickoffice

Quickoffice will open certain types of password protected files, depending on your device.

If you're using an Android tablet or phone, you can open PDF password protected files.

Change how you view documents in Quickoffice

You can customize the way files are displayed on your tablet or phone screen in Quickoffice using touchscreen gestures.

Zoom in and out with Quickoffice

Use the pinch zoom gesture to zoom in and out while viewing a document, spreadsheet, or presentation. Place two fingers on your device screen and move them together to zoom out, or move them apart to zoom in.

After having integrated the features of Quickoffice into its own newly released Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides apps, on 29 June 2014, Google announced that Quickoffice would be discontinued, and had since been removed from the Google Play Store.

So why this tag?

Different people like different things, some prefer simplicity rather than advanced and also latest is not always the best. If you still kept your copy of Quick office application and still wish to use it or having some problems with it, this tag may come in handy.

Note: This tag is not intended for making comparisons with other office suites and newly introduced packages but only to solve problems with the current Quick office application.


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