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Long-pressing power button shows Assistant, how to restart the device?

Long pressing the power button is still the standard gesture to show the power menu, including the restart option. However, the Assistant is likely due to the system gesture setting. At least for ...
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Long-pressing power button shows Assistant, how to restart the device?

On a Pixel Device Power + volume up pressed simultaneously will give you options to restart amongst others Note: You won't find the bug report option unless you enable it from developer options (...
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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 running Lineage OS not rebooting properly after `adb reboot` unless USB disconnect

Well, I own multiple Samsung devices, but Samsung uses a custom boot process. It uses more like a custom uboot image than a standard Android boot process. Second, you will need a Samsung driver. From ...
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Oneplus 6 (8gb/128gb) SIM & Wifi disappears & phone reboots randomly frequently. What to do?

Disclaimer: Although this may be an answer to the question "what's gone wrong?" I'll try to offer suggestions for fixes, but they may be difficult. Based on the heat you're experiencing next ...
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Will Samsung's auto-restarts feature disable your alarm?

In my experience, when my phone restarts in the night, the "Sleep as Android" app doesn't restore properly, but I am woken at the correct time by a default alarm app that I believe comes ...
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`adb reboot -p` usually reboots instead of power-down which it is supposed to

This should work adb shell reboot -p
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