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My phone's touchscreen is damaged. Is it possible to control it remotely?

Use an OTG mouse and keyboard. From a thread: I can confirm that using an USB OTG adapter a wireless Logitech mouse and keyboard combo works for me without problem using Fairphone Open OS 17.03 (...
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How to control the volume of an android device from a pc

I am proud to announce that I have just published an application on Google Play Store and Github to address this exact problem. It is (and will remain) free, without ads, and open source. It will let ...
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Connect to emulator from another PC in LAN

Suppose you have PC1 and PC2. According to the official Android Developer documentation, adb forward is not for forwarding a TCP port of the PC1 to another port of the PC2. It's for forwarding a TCP ...
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My phone's touchscreen is damaged. Is it possible to control it remotely?

If you can manage to get usb debugging working, try scrcpy. Its features include: audio forwarding (Android >= 11) recording mirroring with Android device screen off copy-paste in both directions ...
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How to remotely turn mobile data on if phone is missing

The "trick" here is to employ an SMS Receiver which extends Broadcast Receiver (for example: public class SmsReceiver extends BroadcastReceiver). The SMS Receiver gains control whenever an Android ...
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How do I remotely track a missing persons Android with GPS

If you have access to the Google account on the phone, you can use Google's Android Device Manager to locate the device. This requires the phone to be powered on with location services enabled. This ...
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How do I stop others from remotely controlling my phone

It's a really broad question but this could solve any remote control issues. (try this method first): Force power off your phone (hold down the power button until the screen does black) Turn off ...
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Control media player on one phone from another

KODI + KORE for those who looking not only streaming but a simple remote control over media player itself (android - to - android) https://www.tomsguide.com/us/pictures-story/494-android-tv-remote-...
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Answer phone calls directly from computer (Linux)

There is a Java application which you can use to connect your Android device with your Linux/Windows installation. It needs ADB. As part of your question, without a USB, you can use ADB's tcpip ...
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Is there a way to control an android device with an external touchscreen?

If both devices are Samsung they have a brand specific app called SideSync which will allow you to link the two devices via a WiFi network. It's available via the play store or direct from Samsung. I ...
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how to enable Android apps to browse user mount points in /mnt

Through my research, I couldn't find a way to create a symbolic link in '/sdcard' (my android internal storage) from /mnt/routersd (mountpoint to //192.168.x.x/sdcard); as filesystem for /sdcard in ...
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Does android device manager remote lock if you deactivate stolen phone?

Yes, Android Device Manager will send the phone the Lock and Erase message as soon as it comes online and starts communicating with Google's servers. When the wipe occurs you will receive an email ...
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Control Android device from PC

My experiences were the best with scrcpy. It works over an adb connection, but this adb connection can happen both on an USB connection, and also over wifi (for really hardcore guys, even over VPN).
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How can I remotely control my Android device via PC?

For Online: try TeamViewer. its a good remote control app from PC to PC and phone to PC and PC to phone. TeamViewer For offline: try AirDroid its good and it worked for me. AirDroid If you need ...
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Remote control of Android from PC or another Android device

Yes this did used to be possible, it is still possible but it requires more on the target device these days. On below Android 5.0 , it was easy to do what you're saying, however it started to become ...
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My phone's touchscreen is damaged. Is it possible to control it remotely?

If you want to use it connected to a computer, you can use Vysor. It's a program that lets you view and interact with your device from your desktop. It looks like the minimum Android version required ...
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Control Android device from PC

There are many apps for remote controlling Android mobile. You can also try screencasting. Windows 10 has pre-installed software for Android screen mirroring. On Windows 10, click on Start / Connect. ...
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Control Android device from PC

You might want to take a look at the droidVNC-NG project. The Android VNC server app droidVNC-NG reached version 1.0.0 in early 2021 and we are now looking for contributors to further improve the code ...
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How to control the volume of an android device from a pc

I found a free workaround: on your android device where you want the volume to be changed, install tasker and pushbullet. Also install pushbullet on your device that you want to use as your remote (...
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How to control the volume of an android device from a pc

You can try a remote control app that would allow you to control anything on your android phone from your computer. If you are okay with this approach you can try app called Vysor - Android control on ...
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Every App crashes, if you connect a BT input-device

I'm seeing the same behavior between my Samsung Galaxy A tablet and a Zagg Flex Bluetooth keyboard. When it connects or disconnects, the current app reinitializes itself or force-closes. In order of ...
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touch screen and usb not working: any way to remotely control my phone?

You said that the phone is rooted. Does it has a custom recovery? If you have a custom recovery you can boot to that by using the hardware buttons and you can operate most custom recoveries with the ...
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Is this phone compromised? Sending invisible SMS

Most definitely, non-system applications can send SMS messages, and then delete them from the history. I use PushBullet all the time to send SMS messages using an app on my Windows desktop, via a ...
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Remote mass installation

I work for a large company that uses Maas360 (https://www.maas360.com) to control company phones. It has a variety of features including security policies and push install of applications ...
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TV IR remote codes discovery for Android

Try this app (Smart IR Remote - AnyMote). When I tried using other apps I often found that they couldn't support old devices in my house, but this app has a plethora of devices and it supports many ...
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Is there a way to control an android device with an external touchscreen?

Touchscreens are basically two devices. The image to the monitor is usually fed from the tablet via mhl or hdmi. The touch functionality is via usb to the Android tablet or phone from the monitor. ...
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Remote control a computer without internet connection?

No, there isn't. The internet is what allows computers to connect to each other when they are not on the same network. This would technically be possible if both devices were connected to the same ...
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Remote Manage the Wifi connection

Saw the exchange of comments between you and @Firelord. Let me try clarify . You have a cell phone , call it phone A, which can connect to two networks say WiFi1 and WiFi 2. These networks are ...
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Run script on Linux PC over network

you could install something like JuiceSSH and ssh to your linux box to run the script. There is no apparent problem with using this method with AWS Lambda, although I haven't tried it
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