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Remotely control your Android device from any other device/computer, or vice versa.

What to use this tag for

An Android device can be used to remote-control other hardware, such as e.g. TVs, receivers, cleaning robots, washing machines, computers, cars and more.

It can also be used to remote-control software on other computers, such as e.g. presentations (PowerPoint slides), music players, and more.

There are also ways to achieve the opposite, and have your Android device remotely controlled.

In all three cases, this tag applies.

What not to use this tag for

However, there are several things for which this tag seems appropriate, but we already have special tags for to be used instead:

  • : Full remote access between an Android device and a computer, such as e.g. VNC (aka "remote desktop")
  • : Remotely wipe your device in case it got stolen
  • : Remote Use of security holes