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Does the MTK preloader reside in the same flash as system or data?

The eMMC has what's called "hardware partitions" or regions that the full flash memory pool is divided into by the memory controller. These regions operate at a lower level than the usual ...
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Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 bootloop after trying to flash TWRP, boot partition is damaged, unable to boot into recovery or fastboot

I fixed the phone. I got out of "EDL stuck". I bypassed the authentication. Then I used SP Flash Tool to flash a new ROM using a firmware upgrade. Its bootloader is locked again. Now the ...
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Is it possible to install Android on a Motorola ROKR E6?

Do not try this. Your best possible result is that you can't flash it. If you manage to flash it with Android, you will brick it. The device has only 46MiB RAM and 120MiB storage, which are not enough ...
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I can't start my Moto G60 anymore after locking the bootloader

A locked bootloader only accepts a correctly signed OS image. For the same hardware there can be multiple OS images which each signed by a different key. So just replacing the OS image might have ...
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"error: neither -p product specified nor ANDROID_PRODUCT_OUT set" when trying to `fastboot flashall -w` on Nexus 7

fastboot is trying to play it safe, and make sure you're not flashing from the wrong location. The easy way is just to export ANDROID_PRODUCT_OUT=./, and run fastboot (or fastboot script) in the same ...
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