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Questions concerning the firmware image (i.e. a system image) for an Android device. See full tag wiki for details.

What is a ROM?

A firmware image (i.e. a system image) for an Android device. Originally derives from the fact that system firmware is often stored on Read-Only Memory chips, though the chips used in Android devices are not entirely "read-only". The term "ROM" in the context of Android devices and system images should not be confused with the concept of a physical read-only memory chip, though any such chip may also be referred to as "ROM".

Many Android devices can be readily "flashed" with new ROMs manually, including custom ROMs which are created by third-parties rather than the carrier or manufacturer. If you are interested in finding ROMs for your device, please see Where can I find stock or custom ROMs for my Android device?

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  • : questions/issues with "stock ROMs" (i.e. "the official ones" from the manufacturer/provider)
  • : questions/issues "flashing" (i.e. "installing") a ROM, be it stock or custom
  • : an Android app that wants to help you finding and flashing ROMs

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