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ROOT: How to allow "install unknown apps" by default for an app?

Execute: adb shell settings get secure install_non_market_apps to get value adb shell settings set secure install_non_market_apps = 0 to deactivate install non-market apps in your smartphone adb ...
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Removing Knox and SElinux

There's a kernel config option named "NSA SELinux runtime disable" (Symbol "SECURITY_SELINUX_DISABLE") that controls if that setenforce command is able to disable selinux. If that ...
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How can I find out if my device uses FBE or FDE?

For Samsung devices specifically, according to Samsung Knox Documentation - File-based encryption (FBE) and full-disk encryption (FDE), Environment FDE — Samsung Galaxy devices shipped with an ...
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Bricked my phone after messing with Knox permissions

Ok I finaly found the solution : I just had to delete package-restrictions.xml and Android just recreated it at the following boot. /data/system/users/0 # mv package-restrictions.xml package-...
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Is there any persistent root method for LineageOS 20?

The devices with preinstalled Android 8 have mandatory A/B partition systems which work like MultiROM. When you update your Android, you install the update in the inactive slot (A or B slot). And ...
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