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Is it possible to dump the internal storage of an unrooted, boot-looping Android 9 with locked bootloader?

What all Samsung devices have in common, download mode (fastboot) has been replaced with proprietary Odin protocol. Benjamin Dobell (author of Heimdall) has reverse engineered Odin Software, or at ...
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Replacing Android OS on Android phone with Linux OS

I could be entirely wrong but here i go. With postmarketOS, and recent years, people work hard to bring linux to phones. One of the examples is OnePlus 6 - one maintainer worked hard to get it running....
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ADB ls doesn't sort by name

The ls command you run in the adb shell is provided by the Busybox (or Toybox) package on the device. The ls command you run on your Ubuntu machine is provided by Ubuntu Linux. They are not the same ...
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How to get the size of the “super” partition on the device?

Actually, all three sources are in agreement when you know how to read it: Scatter partition_size: 0x100000000 0x100000000 = 4,294,967,296 (I had forgotten a 0 in my question) blockdev blockdev --...
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