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adb push: sync but not copy

You would use adb push --sync, for example: adb push --sync /home/abc/ /sdcard/abc from adb --help: file transfer: push [--sync] LOCAL... REMOTE copy local files/directories to device --...
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Rsync-like downloads over adb?

Per the comment by alecxs, above, adb-sync gives me the functionality I'm looking for: Some day I'll also try Adebar. Thanks to alecxs!
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adb push: sync but not copy

While this answer is not exactly an explanation on the usage of adb sync, it may help when your primary goal is to sync files using adb. You may be interested in adb-sync which is a Python script ...
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Sync ext SD to USB OTG **without** using a PC

As we figured out the solution you now use in chat, this answer should comply with "being tested", "not involving a PC or file manager" and "relying on verified sources". Though in the meantime there ...
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adb push: sync but not copy

"adb sync" is not relevant in your case. It is used to sync system partition to your connected adb device. It will only work if your phone is rooted and you first need to put system ...
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zsh scp completion of remote files doesn't work when running SSHHelper

The culprit is android's crippled ls command. Zsh's completion run ls -d1FL which /system/bin/ls doesn't understand. A way to fix this is to edit /data/data/com.arachnoid.sshelper/home/.ssh/...
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Installing rsync on Android to transfer files from Android to OSX

First on Android each app has an own user-id/account, hence u0_a312is the user of the app that runs the ssh server. Regular Linux user accounts like myuser don't exist on Android. Based on the path /...
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Rsync-like downloads over adb?

I tried the original adb-sync (, but I couldn't get it to work due to an encoding error. The better-adb-sync fork (
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adb-sync along with rsync for fastest way to backup gigabytes of media & photos file to HDD disk regularly

Try the --size-only commandline option on the rsync client. rsync's "quick check" algorithm only updates files if the size or last-modified time (mtime) do not match. For various reasons, ...
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How do I run the latest version of rsync as root with SimpleSSHD?

Download the latest rsync binary: mkdir ~/bin && cd ~/bin && curl --progress-bar -L -o rsync "
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Rsync-like downloads over adb?

Run SimpleSSHD and use rsync like you would with any other ssh-enabled server. rsync -r -e 'ssh -p 2222' --info=progress2 [email protected]:/...
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