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Safe Mode is a special modus Android devices can be booted into. In Safe Mode, no user apps will be started on boot completion, thus allowing the user to uninstall a misbehaving app otherwise being caught in a force-close loop. Follow the 'info' link below for more details.

What is this about?

If your device is caught in a force-close loop after booting (i.e. some app starts, the "force-close" dialog appears, you hit "close", it starts again -- and this cycle is never-ending), Safe Mode is offering you a remedy: A lot of things otherwise automatically started once the boot process is finished won't start in Safe Mode, so you can e.g. easily uninstall this misbehaving app.

Note, however, that some other functionality might be unavailable in Save Mode as well -- so it's obviously not a good idea to permanently run in Safe Mode.

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