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Apps force close on a Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i

• First is make very sure you've free space of memory. My One Plus handset makes this behaviour when it is near to 'out of storage'. • Second is make sure you have not deleted any root directory by ...
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How to tell current frequency band?

LTE Discovery app tells this for 4G/LTE.
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Access data on device with broken screen (Samsung Galaxy Ace 4)

What I would try to recover at least some of the data, if all the things you already mentioned did not work: Disclaimer: I did not perform this exact same steps on the Ace 4, but only on a much older ...
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Can I track my lost Samsung galaxy ace

If you have added your google account on it. then you can use below link to find it.
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Odin BcmCP.img fail when trying to flash gt-s5830i (galaxy ace)

Use Odin 3.07. Also, make sure that you start odin as administrator. I had the same problem, and it worked for me. And prior to that, if it gets stuck in Setup Connection, just boot into "download ...
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