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Control Android with broken screen from PC

Looks like these days the best solution for controlling an Android phone from a PC is scrcpy. It is being actively maintained, has very high performance (framerate, latency), is available cross-...
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Control Android with broken screen from PC

adbcontrol can do this. It opens a window containing the phone screen on your computer, so you can use it when the phone screen is broken, and you can click and type in the window to control the phone....
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Control Android with broken screen from PC

One word: Vysor Using the vysor to control my Xperia Z2. See the state of my phone, but Vysor came to the rescue. *if phone reboots and won't connect after plugging in, try removing the micro sd ...
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Clean flash without SDCard

You don't have to worry if your internal storage gets wiped. There is another way called "ADB Sideload" which allows you to push and install a zip from your computer using CMD (Windows) or Terminal (...
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Control Android with broken screen from PC

You could try to use AndroidScreenCast for you purposes - it's maintainable version of original androidscreencast. It requires only Java and ADB, no phone client, so just run it and use it. I've just ...
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Is it safe to swap SIM cards when the phone is turned on?

My ZTE Blade s6 has a setup procedure where the phone is turned on with no sim in then in step three it says insert sim card and the phone is on at this time, it then walks you through the rest of the ...
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"Android.process.media has stopped unexpectedly" error when I boot my Galaxy Nexus

I found a fix that worked for me. Remove the SD card, then whilst it's out, choose to clear the SD card contents,(mine allowed this). Replace the SD card and all fine, quick n easy.
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Automatically have my frequently-used apps handy

Microsoft's Arrow Launcher automatically arranges your apps based on your usage.
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Increase vibrate strength

On my Samsung S6 there is "Settings >> Sound and Vibration >> Vibration intensity" section. Where one can change vibration intensity for calls, notifications, and feedback individually.
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"Android.process.media has stopped unexpectedly" error when I boot my Galaxy Nexus

Removing my sd card helps, I'll try to reinsert it again.
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Auto focus not working on Galaxy Nexus

Did you clear the camera app data? To do this: Open your settings app Tap the "Application" section Tap the "All" tab You can find the camera app. Select -> Clear App Data ...
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