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Resize /system partition of Galaxy S 2

In my case, I needed a cross-platform solution since I use Linux. Here's what worked for me: Back everything up. This will wipe everything on the phone, including the internal SD card. Download: A ...
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Lightweight CyanogenMod 13.0 - Samsung Galaxy S2

Observe .repo/manifests/default.xml for a list of components included by default in the build. For example if you want to remove 2 live wallpapers "Basic" and "PhotoTable", then you'll find these ...
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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 in bootloop (standard recovery not working!)

Seems like a softbrick state. You should try flashing a new firmware. The steps below are for Windows: Download the firmware from here (Registration required) Download Odin flasher from here Download ...
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Resize /system partition of Galaxy S 2

Here's what's probably an even better way: It's as easy as flashing a zip and preserves data. Requires TWRP recovery and patience. Worked first time for me on an S2 (...
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What is `/system/app/AutomationTest_JBUP.apk`?

According to this thread from Xda-developers, AutomationTest_JBUP.apk is listed among the apps that can safely be removed from a Samsung Galaxy S2. That will mean it comes installed by the ...
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How to copy / modify data from a soft-bootlooping Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100)

When a phone is constantly crashing without any changes from your side, getting hot, usually it has a more seriously reason. You should focus on how to get your data off the phone first. The SMS ...
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Add new account to Twitter app on Samsung Tablet

Swipe from left to right in the Twitter App Then Click the arrow pointing down near your name There is an option for Create New Account and **Add an Existing Account" Reference link.
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Restore Samsung Galaxy S II via PC

In short try booting into recovery, by pressing and holding home, power and volume down. Wipe user data. Then use Odin to reflash. The OEM firmware can be downloaded from Samsung. Follow the guide ...
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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 in bootloop (standard recovery not working!)

My solution in the end was to send it in to Samsung and it got fixed by them. That is not a practical solution for everyone especially if your support for your device is already expired. However, with ...
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How to recover deleted words in samsung mobile

Please go the following way to add a new word: Settings Language and keyboard User dictionary Press the menu button Select Add Type in the new word Select OK. These steps are intended for the stock ...
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What browser is used on old Samsung Galaxy?

It's called "Samsung Internet for Android":
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How do I delete an email address from Facebook App login page on Android?

First log out from your account and then follow the following steps as given on: [ ][1] To remove an account from your phone or mobile ...
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How to Disable Double Tapping?

On some Android phones, you can disable TalkBack by holding Vol+ and Vol- for a few seconds.
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Samsung Galaxy S2 factory-reset lead to boot-loop

I have Samsung phones that have this bug in which you go to boot-loop in almost every reboot session. I also faced this, so I luckily have a solution and see if it works. Just turn off the phone ...
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Will JTAG wipe internal memory on Galaxy sII?

Your files even the deleted files Can be recovered even from dead phone with the help of JTAG or ISP Solutions ! 1 - Find or Locate Pinouts If your phone available pinouts for JTAG'ing you can JTAG ...
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Phone will not let me ENCRYPT

I know I am late to this discussion, but, for others out there that may have not gotten an answer to this yet, device encryption on some devices may only work with a strong password. A (medium ...
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Prevent phone from automatically lowering media volume

Here is how to fix the problem without root and without setting the volume to some predefined volume (such as 100%). This "feature" is controlled by a System.Global property ...
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