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No confirm prompt when trying to use adb backup

I'm digging up this question since I found it looking for the same problem. Putting single quotes around the parameters solved it for me: adb backup '-all -apk -shared -f mymobile.ab'
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Filesystem format used for SD Card by Galaxy S3

The reason is, at least with Samsung devices and cards larger than 32GB, Samsung or Android formats the card with the exFAT file system, but incorrectly identifies the partition type as "FAT32 (LBA)", ...
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Where does Amazon Music store files?

First check Amazon Music App Menu, Settings (gear wheel icon), tap Storage Location. If set External, try looking in Card\Android\Media\com.Amazon.mp3 If set Internal, try looking in Phone\Android\...
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Heimdall errors, "ERROR: Failed to detect compatible download-mode device."

Got the same issue years later, and solved it by.. using another USB cable! Indeed, some USB cables are only made for energy transfer and do not support data transmission You may also want to test ...'s user avatar
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Help on fixing "unfortunately the process com android systemui has stopped" on galaxy s3

The following worked for me: Go to Settings → More → Storage → Applications, and uninstall updates and clear cache of Google Search (now named just "Google App").
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Phone only works with busted battery

So I found out why my new battery isn't working, it had a transparent sticker on the power pins (and only on the pins). It was virtually invisible in broad daylight and there was no indicator on the ...
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After factory-reset, account services permanently crash (no setup possible)

I had the same problem recently. The phone was constantly reporting Google Play Services and many others as having stopped. A hard-reset left me unable to complete the initial setup, as the account ...
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Heimdall errors, "ERROR: Failed to detect compatible download-mode device."

One possible explanation is that you have confused recovery mode and download mode which are (I have just discovered) two different things on some phones, mine included. I had the same error and ...
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How to transfer a few text messages from one phone to another

SMS backup and restore has Option to select which text conversations to backup or restore Though it is manual and not by date . This should be fine in your case as you don't have too many On the ...
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How do i stop apps i dont want or use from redownloading?

If they are system apps, then you're probably not uninstalling them, you're just uninstalling the previous updates. And probably your automatic update is turned on in Play store , and hence why ...
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Problem importing CSV/vCARD contacts to S3

The reason I had this issue was a badly formatted vcard file. There were many BEGIN:VCARD tags that were not closed with END:CARD tags. As an example, it looked like this: BEGIN:VCARD VERSION:3.0 ...
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Allow USB debug pop-up not showing while installing CyanogenMod on Galaxy S3 i9300

I also got the same issue in my lenovo mobile. Initially I thought the issue is with my mobile. But actually the issue is the adb don't have enough permission to read the rsa key to communicate with ...
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How can I ignore the AT&T software update?

So, I know this is old, but for the record...I found a way to block all updates without root. I downloaded a tool called debloater (google it) and blocked: wssyncmldm.apk wssyncmlnps.apk LocalFOTA.apk ...
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GPS readings: why is altitude inaccurate by 50m, while longitude and latitude are more precise?

The problem is called geometric dilution of precision. In a simplistic view, the GPS system computes the distances between the receiver and a set of at least 4 visible satellites. Each of those ...
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Can I copy the app data from one phone to another phone if they both use Android?

You can usually copy the data for user apps without issue, but there is no guarantee. I wouldn't copy the /data/data/ folder wholesale, since it will include system app data and provides no way to ...
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Easier to root, Samsung or HTC?

Samsungs are generally easier to root in my experience. The samsungs do not require s-off compared to htc's and thus, it is much harder to brick. The popular models like the s3 usually get a lot of ...
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occassionally my screen goes to a series of historical windows (previous apps, searches, etc) how does that come up?

This "Menu" comes up when you either long-press the Home button or the Multitask button, which is usually located to the right of the Home key. If you are using a Samsung device, this button is ...
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My samsumg s3 is acting like its on silent

The lack of sound may be caused by the malfunction of the battery, try removing it and repositioning it after checking that there is no swelling of it, if you still have problems trying to replace it.
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Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 Stuck at Samsung logo with no recovery and no download mode

Does your volume up button work? If i'm not wrong, Download mode never fails to boot into. Let's assume it is not working and in this case, you'll need a way to force boot in download mode. There are ...
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Is it possible to flash CM for Samsung S3 I9300 on different version?

Simply no. i939 is a China Telecom variant, and has a CDMA baseband, along with other minor differences (there's a variant of i939 itself that even differs in dimensions). Unless the build was ...
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What browser is used on old Samsung Galaxy?

It's called "Samsung Internet for Android":
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Samsung Galaxy I939 Sim card not recognized after Cyanogenmod

Did you downloaded Cyanogenmod for I939? Cyanogenmod for I9300/I9305/I9300I won't work (I had those 3 phones, they all have different modem). If the ROM you've flashed is not for I939, go back to ...
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Alternative way to transfer many files between two Android phones with many restrictions

try shareit application from playstore installing in both mobiles. it works on wifi and you can send your data very fastly. mobiles connect to eachother using wifi but desnot need to connect to any ...
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I turned off some apps that were necessary, now things dont' work

Turn on all apps names Google Favorite contacts Story Album Widget CapibiltyManagerService Multimedia Ui Service layer MobilePrintSvc_CUPS MobilePrintSvc_CUPS_Backend
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How do i connect my Galaxy S3 to my computer?

I had a very similar problem some time ago with my S3. The phone would connect and try to install drivers, but at the end the phone still wouldn't show up no matter how I tried to connect it. If I ...
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How can I check whether my phone is network locked (Samsung GALAXY S3)?

You can check easier just asking a friend to lend you their sim from another carrier for a minute, insert it and if it is locked the phone will ask you for a code.
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Factory reset Samsung Galaxy S3 without screen

This link shows the exact clicks for factory reset without a screen:
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Can you use somebody else's `/efs` folder?

No, this won't work, because there is cant be two phones with same IMEI codes and every single phone probably has special modem codes so efs from one phone won't work in other phone
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Incorrect caller ID details

HD is for sound quality and says that the contact person's phone supports HD sound, whereas the caller ID issue can be because of the error of contacts app or truecaller if it is installed.
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Which application is switching on wifi?

In china GCM (and many other Google services) are blocked by government. In order to send push notification to app in China there are multiple local service providers. One of them is Baidu, the link ...
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