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2 votes

Is there any way to sync my Outlook calendar to my Samsung Galaxy S without Kies?

You can do this using the native Exchange app on your device. On my Galaxy S5 using Android 6.0, it's in Settings -> Account -> Accounts -> Microsoft Exchange Active Sync -> then I tap on the specific ...
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2 votes

How do I unlock my device for KIES?

Try this On your phone go to settings > developer options > USB configuration > and enable USB debugging To enable developer options, go to settings > about phone > and tap on the build number ...
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1 vote

Can't transfer files to Galaxy S3 from laptop, Kies not getting Installed on laptop

I'm pretty sure you need the KIES USB driver in order for Windows XP to recognise your phone. This feature is already built into Windows 7 and above by default and doesn't need any external driver ...
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