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Is there any way to sync my Outlook calendar to my Samsung Galaxy S without Kies?

You can do this using the native Exchange app on your device. On my Galaxy S5 using Android 6.0, it's in Settings -> Account -> Accounts -> Microsoft Exchange Active Sync -> then I tap on the specific ...
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How do I unlock my device for KIES?

Try this On your phone go to settings > developer options > USB configuration > and enable USB debugging To enable developer options, go to settings > about phone > and tap on the build number ...
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Samsung Android phone / tablet drivers without using the Samsung Kies

Have you looked into SideSync for Samsung devices? I use it instead of Kies now and love it http://www.samsung.com/us/sidesync/ Sidesync has a lot of great features: Display your phone or table ...
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Why has my Android firmware upgrade been stuck at 0% for an hour? (Samsung Galaxy Ace)

I know this sounds silly but press the power button ten times and walla! I read a YouTube comment after an hour of researching trying to find a solution and I tried it even thinking it was just a joke ...
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