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Cheating KNOX by cracking stock ROM certificate

If it was that simple it would have been broken long back. Knox is almost fool proof and prevents any such attempts Samsung KNOX addresses security using a comprehensive, hardware-rooted trusted ...
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Is Samsung Knox really that great and how can I achieve near-Knox level security on a rooted device?

First of all, rooting does not make your device insecure by design. It adds one more opportunity in the list of existing attack vectors that can be used to compromise your device with no guarantee of ...
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How to fix: only official released binaries are allowed to be flashed(recovery) on device / FAIL! (Auth) on Odin3 v3.13?

For LZ4 compression: lz4 -B6 --content-size system.img.ext4 system.img.ext4.lz4 command can be used to make a valid Odin Flashable file. To Fix "FAIL! (Auth)", we need to truncate the vbmeta.img file ...
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How can I verify my phone's Bootloader, OS, and ROM haven't been tampered with?

There are a few indicators of modified/unmodified devices, depending on what was modified and how. Depending on the manufacturer and model, some of these indicators are not available. These should ...
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is RPMB Fuse Set a factory state?

What i know: RPMB fuse - should be set, not blown Current binary - is samsung official which is to be expected (if there was something else it would say something like "Custom (0xE03)" ...
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Bricked my phone after messing with Knox permissions

Ok I finaly found the solution : I just had to delete package-restrictions.xml and Android just recreated it at the following boot. /data/system/users/0 # mv package-restrictions.xml package-...
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Reset Knox password

After you go to the web portal, follow the steps below: On the My KNOX User Portal, Click on Devices and select your device. Click on Reset KNOX Password. Launch your My KNOX if you aren't inside it ...
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Removing knox from my phone

try to disable KNOX by typing pm disable --user 0 com.sec.knox.seandroid in adb shell. When uninstalling KNOX, you are asked if you want to backup your KNOX data
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How can I rephrase: adb shell "pm block com.sec.knox.bridge" to work in an Android 10 phone?

As mentioned by @Firelord, use pm disable --user 0 instead of pm block. pm block is deprecated (not exist of new versions of pm). if you have an error with disable then the application still device ...
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Samsung A8 KG State prenormal

Apart from not rebooting in a week there's another method that worked for my device (not galaxy a8) but i don't know if it will for you. So, you need to: First flash (reflash) official stock firmware,...
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Remove apps from Samsung Knox

Actually, WhatsApp is a system app in the main system and not in Knox. However, when you allow it to be copied to Knox, it will be a system app also in Knox. When I tried to remove it from Knox, it ...
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Google Keyboard settings occasionally reset to defaults

I'm using Samsung Secure Folder (Knox) for some apps like mobile banking, and each time I opened Secure Folder and returned back to other non-secure-folder apps, the settings of Google Keyboard were ...
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Will Samsung Pay still work on the Gear S3 if you root your Galaxy phone?

According to the official web page... LTE watches work after an initial pairing with your smartphone & Samsung Pay works after initial set up with your phone and then you only get 5 payments with ...
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