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How can I boot my Nexus S with a broken power button? Can only boot to "Do not turn off target"

I experienced the same problem with my Nexus S phone after many years of usage. The power button no longer works, and I believe it is due to wear and tear in my case. One android app I use is Button ...
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Will flashing CyanogenMod reset the status of SIM lock on Nexus S?

Will upgrading to CyanogenMod lock my Sim Again? Nope! CyanogenMod doesn't have anything to do with lock or unlock of sim cards. But by the way, isn't CyanogenMod 11 the same as KitKat?
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Error reflashing Nexus S to stock Jelly Bean

what I found was that actually updates the baseband version with the radio image. but rebooting from fastboot to fastboot again does not show the update in the baseband version. so ...
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