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Why does my stock Samsung Galaxy phone/tablet lack some features compared to other Samsung Galaxy models?

There are at least 4 possible reasons: Device model One UI Core Android Go Android versions Device Model Newer Samsung phones and tablets tend to have more features despite having the same Android ...
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What is this icon with a square border containing lines that look like text?

This seems rather odd placement of a functionality in Volume panel, not to mention it causes a very bad user experience since the icon is not intuitive enough to be self-explanatory, nor does it ...
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SIM popup messages keep the screen on indefinitely (Samsung A30s)

Download Automate app and make a flow like this.. Allow the permissions And then configure it like this. Notice the option "When UI element appear". Then click on record. Now, make a call ...
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How to stop Google from eating event texts

This Samsung UI feature of creating events from SMS was discussed here last year. Based on a quick look, it appears you can (and should) disable it from the Settings > Advanced Features > Smart ...
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Is there a native option to keep the screen on if there is an any application open on the screen?

Coffee This Android app allows you to keep the display awake without having to change the device settings. It can be toggled at various places: A tile in the quick settings, the place that holds the ...
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How to change the brightness of the Galaxy A10s flashlight

From googling, I found How to adjust the flashlight brightness on your Samsung Galaxy phone; Tap the word “Flashlight“ below the icon to open the brightness slider. Alternatively, you can long-press ...
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How to create shortcut to 2nd YouTube account

You can use apps* available on google play and log in with the desired google account in the cloned app and then create a shortcut on the home screen. *third-party cloner app as an alternative to Dual ...
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Why LSPosed slows down screenshot take?

LSPosed uses Zygisk or Riru for injection interface. There is no solution for Riru because if your LSPosed is using Riru, update Magisk to the latest version. Enable Zygisk (Beta) feature in Magisk ...
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Can the Samsung Android phone be made to not lock the screen after 3 minutes?

Seems like I only see this particular lock screen when playing a game. When the lock screen appears, tap the padlock icon near the bottom of the screen. You'll then see an interface that allows you to ...
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