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Open Google Photos app and turn on backup by tapping on the profile icon on top right (if you havent already) then somewhere in google photos settings, there's an option which default sets your device to backup only on wifi : choose that to be allowed while on mobile data too. i hope this helps


Usually such problems are triaged by: First, clear the cache of Bluetooth app (you will need to enable showing of system apps in your app list from settings) If it doesn't help, do the same on the device being paired If still no luck, delete the data of Bluetooth app on both devices (all previously paired devices information would be deleted and hence as ...


I think I have came across a fix. I disabled window's protection against unsigned drivers, and opened google's android drivers, and added my own phones Hardware ID into the list. I Installed the driver and it's working fine!


Samsung flagship devices support it - not all. Check the lists at and I cannot find the A21s or its model alias SM-A217F there.


You need to go to settings and then Connection >data usage> data saver and turn off the data saver if you would like to remove the sign

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