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As suspected by OP, the hardware is 64 bit but it is running in 32 bit mode as mentioned in this reddit which in turn refers to geek bench for proof. Apps like AIDA 64 can reveal this Source Also Antutu, if you have it installed, as it is removed from Play Store As general info, see How to find ARM processor version on android device?


Clearing cache of apps is one of the to-do things if your app is laggy, unresponsive or misbehaving. It's absolutely safe, unlike clearing data of apps which makes you lose all the app data, accounts, settings etc. For 1,4 a definite yes. For 2, 3 it is no. Re: safety being app dependent, it is possible that the cache is used for storing data and in the ...


This is called RMM protection and is a security feature of Samsung


It is possible only if your device is rooted and cannot be achieved on stock devices. Changes to status bar components like clock, date, battery icon, percentage etc require root or a custom ROM On rooted devices, one way is to install Exposed/EdXposed frame work and Gravitybox module (For Android 10,see How to install EdXposed on Android 10 without ...


Navigate to Settings > Device Care > Battery > App power management > Apps that won't be put to sleep. Add Gmail to this list to prevent it from being put to sleep for battery optimization. You could also disable this feature entirely by disabling "Put unused apps to sleep."


It is the data saver icon - switch it off from your settings and it will vanish (Thanks to OP for the link of Data saver) Source: Personal experience

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