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What is the path to the trashed content of the Samsung Gallery app?

If you trash a file in Samsung Gallery app it will be renamed and moved to /sdcard/Android/.Trash/<some_random_number>.<original file extension> The file ...
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Samsung A20e hangs at booting

What I tried: Created an account on, and downloaded the complete firmware for Samsung Galaxy A20e. BootLoader, AP, CP, CSC Got Odin for Linux - OFFICIAL Samsung Odin v4 1.2.1-...
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Will clearing Android Messages storage and cache cause lose of text messages?

If you delete the cache it won't delete your old messages. But if you delete DATA, it absolutely will. I just did so on my Samsung Galaxy phone after backing up all my messages.
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Why does screen of my phone stay on when listening to Spotify in my car?

In Spotify, go to Settings and privacy > Car Uncheck "Keep app open on screen"
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