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Unable to get output buffers (err=-38) when attempting to screen-record emulator from ADB

From ADB documentation : "Some devices might not be able to record at their native display resolution. If you encounter problems with screen recording, try using a lower screen resolution." ...
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What is the difference between MiraCast, MirrorShare, Google Cast and Chromecast?

Google Cast and Miracast are 2 different technologies and protocols. Miracast primarily allows wireless screen mirroring, and support is usually built-in in the OS in modern Android devices and ...
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Is Screen Mirroring a feature of the hardware or the software?

Both. Just a brief description of how it works: At the core of this technology is the Wi-Fi Direct™ standard, which allows for point-to-point connections between devices without the use of a router. ...
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what's this symbol mean ( square with 3 curved lines)

This symbol is of "Cast screen" found in Android which is used to cast your screen to a television. This symbol in the status bar means that your phone screen is being casted to a television or cast ...
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How to Disable FLAG_SECURE without root?

You might want to give Virtual Xposed a spin. It is an application that acts as a sort of "host" for other user apps you can install inside it. It then has full control over the process of the inner ...
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How do you cast video/content to your television from Amazon Prime Video app?

2018-09-13 update Short answer is: you can't. You can use a laptop (windows/linux/mac/chrome-os) with Chrome browser to cast. Or you can buy an Amazon-Fire hardware device. Long answer: the "cast ...
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Cannot select "Start now" on a dialog when using app to do screen capture on Marshmallow

Its very simple brothers.. you cannot click "start now" or if u trying to install any 3rd party application you cannot click "install" on moto g4 device .. its because you all people enabled "filter ...
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How do you cast video/content to your television from Amazon Prime Video app?

Amazon Prime Videos now supports casting to Chromecast straight from inside the official app, it does have a stupid problem that you can't use the phone to adjust the TV volume like you would usually ...
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2 votes

Add Miracast function to newer Android versions

If Zillinium's suggestion to make changes into the "system / build.prop" does not make it fully function, you might need to also change the "/system/etc/wfdconfig.xml" file also. The following steps ...
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Home app: cast my screen without all the confirmation steps

Looking on Google play store for apps that would add a desktop/home cast icon/shortcut, I have found the Cast Menu Widget. In order to get the quick settings button, the (under 1 euro) paid version of ...
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Screen recording phone and Discord calls with sound

You can simply have another device recording everything. Anything you can hear or see can be recorded. You can run Android in a VM (e.g. on your PC) and record everything again - VirtualBox will do it ...
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How can one configure the default screen recording program to record the audio by default?

I understand your concern, but you can't. That UX is a decision from Google's end and toggling it manually every time is the only option as of today.
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Streaming Android screen to YouTube, Twitch etc

I figured out. The Omlet Arcade app works like a charm. It even supports internal audio streaming, but only from Android 10 which supports it itself. In case anyone has the same use case as me - ...
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Add Miracast function to newer Android versions

i can't possibly walk you through all the system modifications that are required but it's definitely possible with root access... Reasons for Google's changes.... MiraCast has never been fully ...
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Can I cast phones display on laptop? my phones display not working

Vysor could solve your problem, it's available as a browser extension for Chrome or a standalone application for the three different operating systems: Windows, Mac and Linux. Note: USB Debugging ...
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How do you cast video/content to your television from Amazon Prime Video app?

As of now, it is possible to cast the contents of that app using Miracast, provided that both the Android phone and the TV supports that. I know for sure OnePlus 5, OnePlus 6, Redmi 5A and Redmi Note ...
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Is there a way to mirror my screen to a PC with sound?

install "Scrcpy" in linux / need to start adb connection first either usb or over the IP.
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Is it possible record videos of my screen?

Airdroid has a "Record Screen" option. It's not a premium feature and doesn't require root. It records the screen along your microphone (warning! As far as I remember this option is set by default!) ...
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