There are different things to search for on/with an Android device: inside apps, on the device, on the net... That's what this tag is intended for. Please follow the 'info' link below for closer details!

Use this tag if your question deals with things like e.g.

  • searches inside a given app
  • searches for documents (or other content like contacts, notes) on your Android device
  • Android-related search services like e.g. the integrated Google search (but not for this special one, see )

Related tags to use instead are e.g.

  • for records on performed searches e.g. in Google Maps, the Google Search itself, browsers, etc.
  • : for questions on Google's Search integrated with Android

Do not use this tag for e.g.

  • questions like "I'm searching for..." -- especially when searching for an app (off topic: Is there an app for X, see our FAQ)
  • Web searches or other searches not related to Android (off topic again)