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I backed up all of my data and reset the phone to factory defaults. Important reminder: Before resetting the phone, I removed my MicroSD because the dialog said that it would delete everything on the MicroSD if I did not do this. Sussing out the source of the problem: After reformatting my phone, I slowly installed each app that I thought might be the ...


No, not possible even with root. And rightly so, since accessing fingerprint data is a huge security risk. Android stores fingerprint data in Trusted Execution Environment and can't be accessed even with root. This data doesn't leave the device nor is it a part of app data. For more details, see key points related to the question (from our sister sites) : ...


I'm only guessing here, and I'm probably wrong Maybe it's due to screen pinning feature? Like they want to be sure that it's you linking with a computer?

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