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In addition to the accepted answer, by flashing the official image and applying bootloader lock you have 100% spyware-free guarantee. This because Android devices with a locker bootloader won't boot if the boot loader is not genuinely signed by the manufacturer, and the public key is buried in the firmware.


Theoretically, a factory-reset wipes data only while any deep seated malware that injects itself into the /system partition isn't wiped. To that extent you have a valid concern. Fortunately, you have a Nexus device. Google provides factory images for Nexus/Pixel devices (here). You can flash the factory image for your device following instructions on that ...


so yes permissions: pair and acces bluetooth - this is STANDARD for some sites in html/html5 , if browser wouldn't have this permission some website could be broken. read contacts - it's a next html api and also can break some sites if disabled. install packages/download files - you think that you can't download things from internet? just look at clouds, ...


I've discovered that Outlook Exchange server overrides my smartlock settings on my Android device. I used the default built in Samsung email client to setup my 2 Outlook exchange emails and my smartlock now works as advertised. I would like to find the settings in the Outlook exchange server to defeat this, but so far I can't find it. I am the admin for my ...


Sorry but it seems Kevin Beaumont from Microsoft has no clue what he is talking about. Mythbusters would proof him wrong.. It is completely unauthenticated, meaning anybody can connect to a device That is simply not true. Even on rooted android TV boxes (where the adb miner supposed to run) one still must have access to home network (which is not possible ...


If you have enabled usb debugging, in ADB shell type reboot recovery to boot to your recovery.

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