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no, rooting does not affect encryption encryption remains safe. depending on user (who is responsible for granting root access) it is not vulnerable as long as malicious app has no root permissions rooting does no factory reset. once rooted, the simplest straight forward backup method is (FDE) adb pull /dev/block/dm-0 rooting system is outdated. ...


From my understanding this vulnerability only works for updates that introduce new permissions. Therefore the update from 2.3.6 to 4.0.x which contained a lot of changes had the highest impact regarding this vulnerability. I have not checked it but my impression of the latest major Android updates is that the major privacy related permissions don't ...


I got a black screen on a Samsung Galaxy S5. I took out the SIM and SD card, replaced the screen. I must have turned it on with the SIM out or something, when I put the phone back together, all my data was wiped.

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