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Try this way: Connect device via ADB Go to ADB shell adb shell Find your target app by listing all the apps pm list packages Remove app like this pm uninstall -k --user 0


There is indeed a different volume bar for when you are on a call. I think the easiest way to set this is to change the volume whilst on a call, this will save the settings for the next time you're on a call. If you want to change the settings before you go on a call just phone someone yourself and change the settings, they don't even have to pick up for you ...


Since it is stock Android, it would be appropriate posting as directed in the link you included in the question. Make sure it's not already reported. If it is, you can either star (you would get mail updates) or add if your observations add more information In addition, report on Asus official forums too, since you say it is a serious bug.


Go to Settings --> Accessibility. Then tap Hearing. Towards the bottom, you will find an option for Mono Output, switch that ON. Then you can drop the earphone from one ear. There is also a left-right sound balance. You can shift the slider to the ear you prefer. Here is a guide to using the hearing accessibility settings on your phone: https://www....


Go to contacts -> select the contact which you want to change the preference -> deep press on the number -> select clear calling sim. Now you will be able to make calls normally with the sim card you wanted.


Any sound files stored in a folder named Notifications will be found by the system and displayed as an option for a Notification sound Any sound files stored in a folder named Ringtones will be found by the system and displayed as an option for a Ringtone sound Note that it doesn't matter where in the system your Notifications or Ringtones folders are ...

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