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Enable root access for adb from the developer settings menu. Then connect your usb cable and type: adb root It should return restarting adbd as root Now relaunch the shell adb shell


Sorry for the delayed reply, got deviated from this issue due to other priorities. 1. I forgot to modify the service name as "monitintf" in this post only "service ethmon /system/xbin/monitintf". The actual build has this change. 2. is the build time script to create service 3. SELinux is enforced.


location_providers_allowed no longer works for Android 10 (API level 29). Instead, you can set the location_mode to LOCATION_MODE_HIGH_ACCURACY with a value of 3: adb shell settings put secure location_mode 3 NOTE: Probably won't work >v29 as this is already deprecated as the docs on Location Mode mention: This constant was deprecated in API level 28. ...


Write a script in your PC, look for 'reboot' argument, and execute your own command instead. I do not know how a Window's compatible script would look like, but this is how a simple bash script would look like. #!/bin/bash ADB="PATH_TO_RENAMED_ADB_BINARY" if [[ "$1" == "reboot" ]] && [[ -z ${2} ]]; then # $1 is the first argument received by adb ...

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