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Difference between Doze Mode and Sleep Mode in Android Marshmallow

Sleep Mode - means CPU will be sleeping and will not accept any command except from RIL(Radio Interface Layer) and alarms. CPU will go to sleep mode with in fraction of seconds after LCD is turned off....
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Prevent display to sleep while charging

there is a setting in developer options on your phone that allows you to keep your display awake whilst charging it. It is enabled by going to settings, then scrolling all the way down to about. From ...
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How do I prevent my GPS-tracking app from stopping?

The Android OS intentionally tries to prevent applications like this from running to prevent battery drain. For Android 6 specifically, you need to know about the doze and app standby features. Doze ...
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Export sleep data from S-Health

It's not so convenient to do on a daily basis but you can export all your data from Samsung galaxy health. In the top right corner click on the three dots Choose settings In the "Data" section ...
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Turn screen off without Android sleeping

I had some trouble with the accepted answer as I'm not hugely familiar with shell scripting on Android/Unix/Linux so I thought I'd add my experience here for anyone in a similar boat. To get this ...
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Lengthy sleep command not working in script

If it’s the terminal thing @IrfanLatif wrote, try this: #!/system/bin/sh # run a command block in the background, detached from all terminals /system/bin/sh -T- -c ' # Wait for boot to complete ...
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How to make an app behave the same way with screen off, as with screen on?

So, the only way I have found yet, to stream music to a DLNA device with screen off, using these apps, is to disable Doze mode by using this command in terminal: dumpsys deviceidle disable followed ...
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Nexus 5X stays awake after charging

I've found the root cause for awake state - it is Viber. To detect this I've completely removed all third party software and left only one came from Google (my Nexus 5X comes only with Google and no ...
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SleepBot includes a "smart alarm" feature which has been failing on Android 6.x "Marshmallow" due to "Doze" mode. What's the workaround?

You should be able to turn off App Optimization. Go to settings -> apps -> click the gear at the top right -> then click Battery Optimization. Add the app to "Not Optimized."
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Make emulators automatically sleep/lock after timeout

So my solution was to run the emulator (BlueStacks) on a virtual Windows instance on my local app server and then have THAT Windows instance lock. You don't need an app server, but if you run your app ...
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How to keep my Android phone asleep until I press the power button

Kudo's to @Firelord: disabling Lift To Wake was very important, thanks! In the same settings page I found Peek Display to be somewhat important, to keep the phone asleep. Peek shows the time on a ...
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Samsung Galaxy timeout changes to "parentheses" (or zero)

Following @wbogacz's lead, I went to Settings --> Apps --> Special Access --> Change system Settings. I discovered that Avast Battery Saver had control over the timeout, so I revoked that ...
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Keep Awake Not Actually Working

It turns out another option influences this behavior in Android 11and that is the Default USB Configuration. After selecting a specific USB Configuration (any other than No Data Transfer), Stay Awake ...
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Configure sleep mode for a Progessive Web App (PWA)?

As it turns out, there is a Web API, "Screen Wake Lock API":
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How to make an Android smartphone actually go to sleep?

As discussed in comments You want to make sure that the device enters doze mode quickly and disconnect wifi / mobile data when the screen is off. Aeroplane mode is not an option because you need to ...
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Lengthy sleep command not working in script

Having no success with sleep, I ended up going the crond route, as suggested by @Irfan Latif: /system/su.d/99crond (-rwx------ root root) #!/system/bin/sh # File: 99crond # Desc: Start cron daemon ...
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What exactly happens to a multi-core CPU when a device goes into deep sleep?

In a typical modern mobile CPU during deep sleep, all cores will be put to sleep (having their clocks suspended) and remain that way until an interrupt occurs which will wake the CPU up again. A ...
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What exactly happens to a multi-core CPU when a device goes into deep sleep?

For a layman's answer, while in sleep or deep sleep mode, the MC is instructed to turn off all non essential subsystem like the sensors in your device and run only the critical subroutines in a single ...
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SleepBot includes a "smart alarm" feature which has been failing on Android 6.x "Marshmallow" due to "Doze" mode. What's the workaround?

I've experienced similar problems on my Samsung Galaxy S7 running Android 7.0 where the SleepBot alarm hasn't gone off in the morning. I don't use it in smart alarm mode, for the record. When I've ...
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SleepBot includes a "smart alarm" feature which has been failing on Android 6.x "Marshmallow" due to "Doze" mode. What's the workaround?

I wanted to add this as a comment to the accepted answer but I didn't have enough reputation. I am using a Galaxy Note 5 and have upgraded to Android 6.0.1 "Marshmallow". I am experiencing the same ...
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Android Marshmallow: How to manually sleep+lock OR manually sleep without locking?

I've tested the following solution successfully on Nexus 6 running CM13 (a snapshot build) with volume rockers as HW key X and Y. If you don't want to use an Xposed module such as Xposed Additions, ...
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Why can't I adjust the brightness and the sleep time on my KitKat device?

Go to sitting then barrery manager and turn off that feature you should be able to adjust your brightness and time out features then it's that simple
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