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Why do I only get push notifications when I turn my phone on?

This is most likely caused by a setting that's intended to reduce battery and service usage by turning off your data and/or wifi connection while you're not using the phone. There's a few settings ...
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How do I prevent my GPS-tracking app from stopping?

The Android OS intentionally tries to prevent applications like this from running to prevent battery drain. For Android 6 specifically, you need to know about the doze and app standby features. Doze ...
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Turn screen off without Android sleeping

I had some trouble with the accepted answer as I'm not hugely familiar with shell scripting on Android/Unix/Linux so I thought I'd add my experience here for anyone in a similar boat. To get this ...
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ADB Shell command not applied - "am set-standby-bucket" - Android 9

I see the same thing with the Android P emulator. However, this works for me on a Pixel 2 device with P. Btw I think you need to use the integer representation when setting: adb shell am set-standby-...
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Force map-like app to keep screen on

This is entirely per application / developer: Strava: ⊙ Record → ⚙ → Screen Display → ☑ Keep Screen On Google Maps with navigation: screen doesn't goes black by default Google Maps without navigation ...
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Force map-like app to keep screen on

On non-rooted devices, it is the app that needs to request that the screen stay on. The screen is a major source of battery drain which means that mobile apps need to request from the Android ...
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Keep WiFi running when screen is off and phone is locked (streaming with black screen, battery saving, newpipe, podcasts)

I know of no way to disable doze as the admin of the OS (Android) itself (but please ...
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Keep WiFi running when screen is off and phone is locked (streaming with black screen, battery saving, newpipe, podcasts)

To accomplish what you want, you can install the app Fake Standby. It is a free open-source application. Fake Standby will turn off your screen while keeping apps running. This will allow you to ...
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How can I get ViewRanger to keep recording my track on my tablet even when the cover is closed?

I got track recording to work while the device is closed: In the device Settings app, go to "Apps" and on the "..." menu select "Special Access" then "Optimize Battery Usage". Use the drop-down to ...
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Configure sleep mode for a Progessive Web App (PWA)?

As it turns out, there is a Web API, "Screen Wake Lock API":
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How to make an Android smartphone actually go to sleep?

As discussed in comments You want to make sure that the device enters doze mode quickly and disconnect wifi / mobile data when the screen is off. Aeroplane mode is not an option because you need to ...
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adb wakeup not wakes up galaxy s8

Try this command: adb shell "dumpsys power | grep "Display Power: state=ON" | xargs -0 test -z" && adb shell input key event 26 This will first check to see if the screen is on. If it isn'...
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How to prevent CPU throttling after not poking at screen

If you have root access you can try to use an app like Device Control to set the processors min frequency and a rather aggressive cpu governor. explanation: The cpu governor controls how quickly the ...
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How to stop unwanted Nvidia Shield TV wake up?

try to shake your gamepad slightly to see if this action will trigger the wake up of you tv. install the Greenify on you Nvidia Shield TV, which will show you the wake up relation, and also you can ...
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Enable standby mode when the phone case lid is closed

Nexus 5X does have a Hall sensor responsible for magnetic "smart covers" to work. Either your cover itself doesn't contain such a magnet piece (downcost), or CM for your device hasn't included support ...
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Music playback stops when the phone sleeps

I realise this is an older thread, but have had the problem using WiFi to stream from Huawei phone to wireless speakers. Music stops when phone goes to sleep, but little you can do to phone except in ...
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