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The place where your apps and data are stored. Please follow the 'info' link below for some generic details.

Android devices offer different storage places, and for some we have special tags:

  • device storage: usually referred to as "internal storage" or "phone storage". If your issue is solely about this, please use the instead. On your device, this will be used for apps and data, and usually is mounted at /data. If you get an (or "storage low") error, it refers to this partition only.
  • system storage: also referred to as "ROM". This part is mounted read-only at /system, and holds the Android core system as well as most of the pre-installed apps (see also: )
  • internal SDCard: some devices offer a separate internal SDCard, where you can store your own data (such as documents, videos, music files, pictures, etc.). For questions/issues with this, please use the tag.
  • external SDCard: most devices offer a slot to place a microSD card into. If your question is solely related to this storage, rather use the tag.

Then there's the , of course -- but we don't count that as "storage", as you cannot permanently store data there (and you even don't want to do so, because one never can have enough RAM :)

Related tags

  • : See "device storage" above. Use this tag when your question is about an "insufficient memory" (or "storage low") error.
  • : See "device storage" above.
  • : about moving parts of your apps (which support this) from the device storage to the SDCard to free up space
  • : an approach similar to App2SD
  • : other mass media attached to your Android device, usually using the /
  • : a way to access your device's storage from a computer
  • : also used to access your device's storage from a computer

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