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aCalendar's help docs ("General Sync Issues / Sync of two devices" and "Problems with Google Calendar Synchronization") list a number of settings to check, including: background data energy/battery/power saver In particular, if the phone's energy saver mode is turned on, background apps are restricted. aCalendar relies on Google Calendar running in the ...


Are you using wifi or mobile data for backup Check this settings/backup & sync and turn on backup and sync you can also try backup mode/ and reselect high quality it will auto upload


Myphone explorer window program can sync folder between phone and PC through USB I) first time i) install Myphone explorer Program on windows PC ii) At Android phone a) Ensure that 'USB debugging' is enabled on phone (Settings-Applications-Development or Settings-Developer options) In Android 4.2.2 and newer you have to unlock the USB-Debugging option ...

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