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This page pointed me to the right direction. Android 11 can only install user-provided root CA certificates to contain the X.509v3 CA:true flag, which I suspect wasn't necessary before for some reason, and kept on working after the upgrade until I tried to install a new one because, presumably, the flag is not necessary to validate a TLS trust chain. The ...


Another workaround to LOS resizing of the System partition during the install process: resize the System partition (as described above, I shrinked the cache partition instead) install LOS via ADB sideload run resize2fs /dev/block/mmcblk0p25 to resize the EXT4 partition again install the GApps via sideload


Reboot into bootloader/fastboot mode. $ fastboot getvar all | grep current-slot $ fastboot --set-active=a $ fastboot reboot You can set the active slot to be a or b depending on which slot is currently used, from the output of the first command. For example, if you see (bootloader) current-slot:b, you set a as active instead. You can rerun the first command ...

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