How to manage running tasks and processes on your device. This is not about "todo list" kind of tasks.

What is this tag about?

The term "task" here should be understand as a synonym to (or grouping of) apps, services, and other processes running on your device. So this tag is intended for questions related to managing those, e.g. what to do if you cannot close a certain app, or some process has gone rogue.

What is this not about?

Do not confuse it with "task management" in terms of "todo lists" like Google Tasks.

Are there any important questions/answers to read first on this topic?

Yes. There's one topic which simply doesn't want to die: Task killers. They are quite often misunderstood: their job is to stop rogue tasks, not to free RAM or save battery (in both of the last cases, they usually even fail miserably). So please check out:

Are there any related tags to consult?


And maybe even more...

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