Yes, it is possible to remotely control an Android device using TeamViewer, but not all devices are supported yet. There are a couple of different apps for TeamViewer: TeamViewer for Remote Control is the app that allows you to remotely control your PC from an Android device. TeamViewer QuickSupport is the app that is needed to control your Android ...


I have found a app called Vysor that has done the job.


Although some Android devices are capable of true remote control, i.e. where you can control your phone from your computer, Nexus 5X isn't one of them. From your computer you can only view the Nexus 5X screen, as you self noted, but unfortunately you can't use TeamViewer to control the Nexus 5X device.


Alternatively you can install an app that emulate it. For example application home button . After installation long press to show the recent apps. Application *floating toucher * has an option named recent app


For that you need the full version of TeamViewer. reference: http://www.teamviewer.com/en/help/40-Can-TeamViewer-be-used-within-a-local-network-LAN-only.aspx You can establish Remote control sessions on your local network directly by using IP addresses or computer names. By default this feature is deactivated because software firewalls may open an ...


Please try and clear the app data and cache - this fixed the same issue for me.

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