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Mirroring content from Android device to Television without Chromecast

I personally use Amazon Fire TV and the Amazon Fire Stick and it works fine. The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter is supposed to work with Android devices as well. How to use display mirroring on ...
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My Android TV seems to be rebooting frequently in sleep mode and causing ADB to be disconnected, why?

Figured it out myself. The TV has three modes for remote power on: Off Through network Through application (ADB) If you choose the third option, the TV periodically "pre-power on" itself ...
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Tasker - Play video using MX Player while another is currently playing

I cannot give my assurance for the mini-PC you've got, but the following works well on my Nexus 6 running stock Android 6.0.1 with MX Player v1.8.3. Alright, so discard whatever actions you've setup ...
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