I am not sure if you can starting an intent with a relative file name. Better use the absolute file name and use am start to view the file: am start -a android.intent.action.VIEW -d file:///storage/emulated/0/mypdf.pdf -t application/pdf


The link you have provided is not setting up SOCKS but a transparent proxy i.e. it takes TCP/UDP traffic and SOCKSify it before sending through shadowsocks tunnel. But you need to make your traffic SOCKS-aware before directing towards SOCKS proxy. Either configure individual apps (which have built-in support for SOCKS) or enforce proxy system-wide ...


file=/Users/Mantis/Desktop/yoshi.jpg dest=/sdcard/Download/"${file##*/}" adb push "$file" "$dest" adb shell am start \ -a android.intent.action.ATTACH_DATA \ -c android.intent.category.DEFAULT \ -d file://"$dest" \ -t 'image/*' \ -e mimeType 'image/*' This was the method I used, file= declares the variable for bash, use the file path of ...

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