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Toggle between dark and light theme in Google Maps

You can change it from settings (to access settings, tap on the icon with user initial/user profile icon, next to microphone), then theme, wherein the same dialogue pops up, that you had initially to ...
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Whatsapp theme suddenly turned dark

As suggested in comments, I looked at my phone settings and it was in dark setting. Whatsapp likely upgraded in the background to default theme so it automatically turned dark (latest version of ...
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2 votes

Why is Google Now Launcher using Samsung Theme Store Icons although the theme is uninstalled?

Fyi for anyone googling this or looking for this still. I had my s7 edge display scaling set to condensed to fit more on the screen. Once I changed it back to standard (with the material Samsung theme ...
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1 vote

Will changing app shapes be affected by themes?

Icon Shapes Home screen icon shape changing is the feature by android. It was first introduced in Android 8.0 Oreo. Later, in Android 9.0 Pie and Android 10 Q, more shapes are added. Shapes include ...
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How to get back colored app headers in recent apps list on Samsung devices running on Android Oreo?

It looks to me that this is not possible, because Oreo re-used the color coding for different purpose: white header: standard app and here, the original coloring concept is partially present in text ...
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Making the white bar below the keyboard black

Use substratum theme engine for this purpose. You can theme individual ui element with the help of this. You screenshot looks like you are using oreo build so you can use substratum even without root. ...
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1 vote

Every time I install Magisk after a factory reset, I get back an old boot animation and theme. How?

Magisk has fixed this error in v14.
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1 vote

Installing fonts on android

Cyanogen OS stops at Marshmallow and is deprecated; LineageOS 14.1 (along with CM14.1 before it), being fresh on Nougat, has yet to implement a theme engine, so you need to rely on 3rd-party solutions,...
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MIUI 8 extended icons

Finally, I've managed to do that: You need to have a Xiaomi Designer Account, because MIUI 8 doen't allow installing custom themes unless you are a 'designer' You should go to http://designer.xiaomi....
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