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Where does Android store the snapshots used on the recent apps?

If what are you asking for is the location of the thumbnails displayed by Android when switching apps, then (on my LineageOS 13) they are stored inside /data/system/recent_images as PNG files called ...
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Deleted thumbnail file but no space was freed

The .thumbnails folder has a file of the format .thumbdata4* whose size is shown to be really big usually. But in reality, it's not a big file and it's size is shown as such is because it's not a ...
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Where does Android store the snapshots used on the recent apps?

As a follow-up to Death Mask Salesman's answer, Irfan Latif's comment, and also based on a self-experiment on Nexus 5 running Lineage OS 14.1 (Android 7.1) and self-research, The directory is <...
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Pixel 3's mp4 videos don't have thumbnails in Windows 10

That videos don't show a thumbnail in Windows Explorer is because you look at the files via USB and Media Transfer Protocol (MTP). If you would copy the video to a local hard disk Windows Explorer is ...
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How can I regenerate .thumbnails folder in DCIM

Looking for something else & came across this... The pathway to an apps cache has changed slightly since original posting back in 2012. In Marshmallow (at least): Settings→Apps→Gallery→Storage→...
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Recover photos from Google Photos cache

You're best option is to try recovery software such as Recuva or EaseUS Data Recovery on one on the SD cards which once contained the deleted photos. The chances of recovering your data this way are ...
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How to delete hidden files consuming internal memory in Android?

There are lots of guides on the internet that tackle this issue. But be aware that some people refer to the phone's built in storage as "internal storage", but that's not what Android means. There is (...
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Move DCIM .thumbnails to external SD

Moving this folder to sd woun't help, cause android would recreate it. For me, this folder is shown as 6.5 GB (the real size was aprox 80 MB). WorldCAD Access posted an interesting solution, how to ...
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Thumbnail image different to actual image

I had the same problem with my OP5T running android 8.1. While you don't seem to be able to obtain the original images, the thumbnails can be found as low-res jpgs at: storage/interrnal storage/...
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