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SuperSU is discontinued and shouldn't work as expected on new versions of Android. You should consider using Magisk. Flash the zip the same way you did for SuperSU. Then remember to launch magisk app and do the necessary additional installation steps.


I fixed the problem by using the TWRP link from this website which I got to from this xda page. It got past fastboot mode and into TWRP.


I have this problem too, but I can install treble roms, I installed Lineage 17.1 without problems but sometimes I see the message / preload invalid argument, size of partition 0, I am looking for a solution but this error does not disturb my device at all in xda i encontered this => All you need to do is go to official download page, download your official ...


You can always format from command-line to be sure where the problem is (if any). This will erase your whole /data partition which contains personal data, apps etc. Boot to TWRP recovery. Find block device for userdata partition. Usually it's symlinked at /dev/block/by-name/userdata or /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/userdata. See FINDING BLOCK DEVICE section ...

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