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Unbricking Vivo Y97 after flashing wrong recovery.img

SOLVED! After flashing the ROM of B into A, the phone is unbricked now and it's working perfectly fine. I've flashed the system.img (this contains the library of Android system) and also vendor.img (...
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2 votes

Bricked my phone after messing with Knox permissions

Ok I finaly found the solution : I just had to delete package-restrictions.xml and Android just recreated it at the following boot. /data/system/users/0 # mv package-restrictions.xml package-...
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2 votes

S10e bricked, cannot get into recovery

In the end, when the phone ran out of battery, the bootloop stopped by itself. Then I was able to enter download mode by using Volume-, Bixby then pluging the cable (I was wrong, the logo is skipped ...
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Recover bricked unrooted Moto G5 (bootloop)

If you still have access to Fastboot, you can use Motorola's Rescue and Smart Assistant. Or if you wanna do it manually, download Motorola's USB drivers and get your firmware from https://mirrors-obs-...
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