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OS or application updates. Please make sure to use the tag closest matching your issue, use e.g. 'ota-update', 'application-autoupdate', or 'rom-flashing' if they are better fitting. See the full tag wiki for more details and first aid.

This tag is used for questions that are about updates to the operating system or updates to individual applications. In general, the OS being updated to, or the name of the application, should also be tagged.

Before you submit your question, to avoid it from being closed as duplicate, you might want to check the following questions:

Other frequently asked questions on this topic can be found following the faq link when hovering over the tag.

Related tags

As always, you can find related questions by simply clicking on the tag. Here are some other tags with related questions:

  • : issues with the auto-update mechanism for apps which the playstore offers
  • : issues concerning the "Over-The-Air" updates as offered by providers or manufacturers
  • : issues with flashing new/different ROMs to your device

Specific version updates